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96 Miles of Pura Vida

Back in September a close friend of mine (thanks L.A.!) shared an opportunity for a 6-day, 96.3 mile running adventure through the jungles, rivers and beaches of South Pacific Costa Rica. Knowing I had already committed to the World Marathon Challenge, the opportunity to run 6 days in a row certainly peaked my interest.

2 Marathons, 2 Cities, 2 Days

With this past weekend’s first attempt at true back-to-back Marathon’s behind me I’ve finally had a bit of time to relax, and reflect. In case you didn’t catch my Testing the Waters blog post or handful of Facebook posts last week, the idea was a test on how prepared I am at this moment for the upcoming World Marathon Challenge in 2018 by running 2 Marathons over the course of a weekend with some geographical separation. In my mind the closer I can simulate the experience of running a Marathon, then sitting relatively cramped for several hours while travelling to the next Marathon destination and while having to rest/recover (including hydration/nutrition), the better prepared I’ll be to handle it during the Challenge.