JP Runs The World

My favorite Prime Day Deals

It’s no secret Amazon has some great days for Prime members on Prime Day. And this year it’s not just Prime Day – but Prime Days! That’s right: Amazon has doubled-down and July 15th and July 16th are both Prime Days for 2019. Here are some of my favorite deals on products I used or have used. Check them out!

World Marathon Challenge Kickoff

It’s official – the 2018 World Marathon Challenge adventure has finally arrived! I’m sitting here in Dubai waiting for my connecting flight to Cape Town where I will meet everyone I’ll be sharing an incredible 7 days of my life with. So just what is going to happen over these 7 days we are travelling the globe, how does this all work and how can you follow? Here’s all you need to know!

Your Questions, My Answers!

Earlier this month on my Facebook and Instagram pages I asked what curiosities you had be it something related to the World Marathon Challenge, training, or just general running questions. I got some great replies so without further adieu – here are my answers to your questions!

Good Things Come in Threes

Keeping with the “3” theme, it’s just 3 months now until the start of the World Marathon Challenge! It seems like just a few days ago this whole idea of running 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 days was just an idea spinning around in my head.


Yep, I’ve heard it all when it comes to the recent-ish decision to abandon running shoes in favor of my Luna Sandals! And if it hasn’t been expressed verbally, I certainly can see the expression on people’s faces as I’m rolling down the boardwalk or one of my favorite local running spots! 9 times out of 10 the conversation normally steers to why I am running sandals. So while I’m chilling on my couch after a fantastic weekend of participating in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon activities, I figured: why not make a quick blog post!

96 Miles of Pura Vida

Back in September a close friend of mine (thanks L.A.!) shared an opportunity for a 6-day, 96.3 mile running adventure through the jungles, rivers and beaches of South Pacific Costa Rica. Knowing I had already committed to the World Marathon Challenge, the opportunity to run 6 days in a row certainly peaked my interest.

Waging Hope

Back in February when I made the announcement I was taking on the World Marathon Challenge in 2018, I mentioned that my Grandmother was a huge inspiration to me and unknowingly led me down the path of running. But I didn’t really elaborate on how that came about.

2 Marathons, 2 Cities, 2 Days

With this past weekend’s first attempt at true back-to-back Marathon’s behind me I’ve finally had a bit of time to relax, and reflect. In case you didn’t catch my Testing the Waters blog post or handful of Facebook posts last week, the idea was a test on how prepared I am at this moment for the upcoming World Marathon Challenge in 2018 by running 2 Marathons over the course of a weekend with some geographical separation. In my mind the closer I can simulate the experience of running a Marathon, then sitting relatively cramped for several hours while travelling to the next Marathon destination and while having to rest/recover (including hydration/nutrition), the better prepared I’ll be to handle it during the Challenge.